Can Social Businesses Create Jobs and Help Achieve SDGs?

The world faces three big challenges- Extreme Poverty, Unemployment and Climate Change. Despite steady economic growth over the past three decades, over three hundred million people continue to live in poverty. Access to basic necessities like healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation etc remains a challenge for many. In his book

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Marketing as a Stimulant for Rural Women’s Enterprises

By Wamiq Zia   Promoting women’s entrepreneurship and gender equality helps to create employment as well as to empower women in the family and wider community[1]. However, one of the major issues faced by the women in undertaking entrepreneurial activities is the lack of understanding of marketing of products, including

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Digital Winds of Change in Rural India

On the outskirts of Allahabad, India, low income segments, rural women are changing attitudes in their village and their lives. Most women in the village of Jhusi are striving to be financially stable by taking microloans for their small enterprises. Some are widows taking care of families. Some are helping

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