Client Insights for Impact

Client Insights for Impact

Deep insights into the lives, behaviours and needs of low-income people is a critical ingredient in design and implementation of our program, ensuring clients remain at the center of whatever we do. The Client Insights for Impact (CII) team at Grameen Foundation India provides research and evaluation to all the in-house projects, as well as extends support to other pro-poor organizations in research, collection and application of easy to understand client/ beneficiary level data to amplify their impact.

Client Insights for Impact team has an established track record of successfully bidding for and conducting formative and summative evaluations of large international development programs. Poverty outreach measurement by using the Progress out of Poverty (PPI) tools has been the most distinguishing work by this team, which has helped organizations across over a dozen countries in achieving better outreach and improve the quality and impact of their program.

Some of our research and evaluation projects are summarized here:

Through customer research with over 17,000 clients of 23 microfinance institutions across four states under the DFID supported Poorest States Inclusive Growth Program, GFI identified determinants that predicted usage of water and sanitation products, small business loans and livelihoods loans through regression analysis. The research findings were used to design new loan products, specifically to drive adoption of water and sanitation products and business loans.

Rapid needs assessment for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene products in five districts on Madhya Pradesh provided critical inputs to in design of appropriate Water and Sanitation products for low income households in different agro-climatic zones. Resulting strengthening of supply chain and partnerships with financial institutions for financing water and sanitation products led to improved access to water and sanitation products for low income clients.

Grameen Foundation was retained by the Small Industries Development Bank of India to develop a framework for assessment of financial literacy cum women empowerment project in four states as part of the Poorest States Inclusive Growth Program, covering 105,000 clients across six partners.

Our independent assessment of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s project gauged the extent to which the goal of empowering women to engage in entrepreneurship and become successful business owners was actualized. The assessment reflected on achievements and learning and understanding the changes resulting from the project and provided recommendations for further programming.

GFI assisted Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana (RGMVP) by developing tools for focus group discussions with participant communities and added value by analysis of project stakeholders and documenting the findings of the study.

For an exhaustive list of projects implemented by the Client Insights for Impact team at Grameen Foundation please contact Induja Rai at .