G-LEAP (Grameen Learning Platform)

G-LEAP is an Android-based mobile app which allows employees to access learning material anytime, anywhere during their field work. Just-in-time learning encourages high level learning since employees access content and apply the information right away rather than learn the information and then apply it at a later time.1 All content is localized to the region and available in the local language, Hindi.
Training in G-LEAP is structured into courses and modules comprising video explanations, scenario-based formative assessments, job-aids and summative assessments with well-defined learning outcomes. Employees can also view leaderboards and know where they stand with respect to their peer group. This strategy is suitable for FLWs of MFIs because:

  • Most employees, including FLWs, possess smart phones.
  • Smart phones are already being used for performing job tasks via the organization app, so ‘mobile phone literacy’ is present.
  • No additional devices such as a laptop or infrastructure such as constant power are required.
  • Users already have data plans (sometimes subsidized) by the employer.

G-LEAP allows training managers to get learner metrics such as average time spent, number of attempts at the assessment and difference in the pre- and post-assessments. Displayed below is a summary of how G-LEAP addresses various challenges in existing classroom training at MFIs.

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Other Documents

  1. G-LEAP Power Point Presentation
  2. Brochure


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