Mother and child Care


In association with BBC Media Action – Using ‘Mobile Academy’, the Frontline Health Workers (FLWs) take a comprehensive, interactive IVR-based certification course designed to increase their knowledge of life-saving maternal- and child-health (MCH) behaviors and improve their communication skills. Using ‘Mobile Kunji’, health workers use their phone to access the IVR-based messages promoting critical MCH behaviors, and play them to patients. Pregnant women and mothers of young children enrolled in the Kilkari program receive IVR calls that remind them of healthy behaviors. The services are available on any handset, across all major operators in Bihar, at low or no price. All content is available in the local language.
With the success of Kilkari, Mobile Kunji and Mobile Academy programs in Bihar, Kilkari and Mobile Academy based on MOTECH platform, were launched nationwide with the support from the Government of India in January 2016. In six months these services reached 1.5 million people for Kilkari and 150,000 for Mobile Academy. Mobile Kunji continues to run in Bihar.