People Solutions

People Solutions

Human resources are the most valuable asset for any organization. Through innovative products, the People Solutions team at Grameen Foundation India ensures that social enterprises, financial institutions and NGOs leverage their human resources to achieve their mission and business goals. Through capacity building, leadership training, development of organization development strategy and implementation, GFI enhances efficiency, productivity, retention and engagement of employees. GFI also provides digitally enabled and behaviour change trainings to help train the staff and management in a cost-effective manner:

  • Grameen Learning Platform (G-LEAP)

    It is an award winning Android based e-learning application for front-line workers of NGOs and financial institutions. The first-of-its-kind application facilitates anytime, anywhere learning and assists the front line workers in acquiring knowledge and information on new products and services, which is critical in a rapidly changing environment. Over 3,500 front line workers from multiple countries have so far benefited from GLeap.

  • Grameen Guru

    Grameen Guru (GG) is an Android-based augmented reality application that enhances learner engagement and learning effectiveness. The multi-lingual chatbot help clients who can’t read and write to understand written materials. The intuitive interface and simplicity of use makes it accessible to people with a wide range of abilities.

  • Emotional Analytics for Social Enterprises

    Emotional Analytics for Social Enterprises (EASE) is an Artificial Intelligence based application that helps microfinance advisors gain real-time insights on the emotional and cognitive status of their clients, based on video and audio inputs. It helps in improving cross-cultural communication, provides deeper insights on precisely what topics or keywords attract attention, or cause clients to disengage, and can be used as a decision-aid.

  • Grameen Accelerated Leadership Program

    Grameen Accelerated Leadership Program (GALP) enables leaders who are constantly managing change to lead, inspire and transform a hyper-connected workforce.  It prepares the managers with self-awareness, personal development and transformational leadership aligning with today’s business context.  The program challenges the mental toughness, management cadence, big-picture thinking, insightful learning and collaborative leadership

  • Grameen Leaders Development Program

    Grameen Leaders Development Program (GLDP) enables front line officers and executives to manage their work effectively, meet current challenges and risks and prepares them to step into organizational leadership roles, based on an adult-learning approach.